How to stop hiccups

The video above walks through my favorite strategy to get rid of hiccups.

Get rid of hiccups. Step-by-step

1) First, wait until your next hiccup. Immediately after your next hiccup, take a super big deep breath, the deepest breath you can, and hold it! Do NOT let it go, not even a little bit!

2) Hold your breath. You want hold it as long as you can without pushing it. 15 to 30 seconds is usually good for most people.

3) When you just can’t hold it any longer, don’t let the air go all at once. Release your breath as slooooooowly as you possibly can. Try to let out even more air than you took in. And remember, do this as slowly and gradually as possible.

4) When you’ve let out all the air, take a long, slow deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Keep taking long slow deep breaths like this (as slow and as deep as possible), until you feel like your stomach has calmed down and the hiccups have passed.


Did this strategy help? Do you have a different technique you like to use? Let us know in the comments below!


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